Latest Compact 270W GaN Brick Will Charge All Your Devices

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As electrical devices continue to rise, consumers demand more ways to quickly and easily charge their portable devices. One solution is a compact 270W GaN brick with multiple ports. These compact and powerful chargers have become a must-have for today’s world.

Today, most consumers carry more than one technology device. This includes laptops and phones. It is also essential to keep these devices charged without being disturbed. For those that travel for business, it is helpful to have a single pocket-sized power adapter.

Unlike conventional silicon-based power adapters, these GaN-powered chargers are smaller and more energy efficient. They use a more efficient semiconductor material called Gallium Nitride (GaN). The smaller components, including the circuit board, have less heat.

These power adapters are rated up to 270W, allowing you to recharge up to four devices simultaneously. Additionally, the Zeus charger comes with a built-in OLED display that lets you know the current status of the battery.

The Zeus 270W charger is made using the latest technology in GaN ICs. These ICs are over ten times smaller than traditional ICs.

Another advantage of the Zeus is its ability to charge more than two USB-C devices simultaneously. This enables over-current protection and faster charging. For example, Zeus can fast-charge three MacBooks at the same time.

Chargeasap is a Sydney-based consumer electronics brand specializing in gadgets for the work-on-the-go lifestyle. They have launched several successful crowdfunding campaigns. Their most recent campaign was for a multi-port power brick.


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